What’s on the Mind of SAP’s VP of Web Marketing? Listen In….


Driving Impactful Web Marketing at SAP: Digital and Marketing Leadership Series My Video Interview with Kevin Benedict, SVP, Regalix

Recently, I had the pleasure to sit with Kevin Benedict, SVP of Regalix and former SAP Mentor (we met when I was the marketing lead for the SAP Community Network), to chat about a wide range of issues regarding delivering a modern web experience to customers and prospects of SAP on our flagship web property, sap.com.

Our conversation encompasses topics such as marketing automation, the importance of our relationship with Sales, chat/chat bots and artificial intelligence, content marketing and the content supply chain, web personalization, measuring performance and localizing our web experiences to match the needs in our 49 country sites (outside the U.S.).

Hope you enjoy it! We certainly had fun recording it.

Here’s an excerpt:

Kevin: Gail, Thanks for joining us today!  Let’s talk about your title, Vice President and Head of Web Marketing at SAP.  What do you get to do in this role?

Gail: It’s really an interesting new role. It was created to do a couple of things. SAP.com, the website, is going through a transformation and we are moving from a site that largely generated awareness and shared information, to a site that drives business value. The team that works for me does a couple of things. We manage the web pages for products and industries, and now we are responsible for the performance of the website. How are the pages performing? How are they connecting with our visitors? We are making sure that every interaction is a good one.

We are giving website visitors a lot of opportunities, through chat and other things, to engage with the site.  We are also making sure that the hand-off from the website to the sales team is clean, clear and effective, and the leads they are getting are qualified and really interested. It’s an exciting time.

Kevin: Is the relationship between marketing and sales changing today? 

Gail: Yes, today we are now part of the sales engine and technology. They (sales) are backward integrating into us (marketing) and we’re integrating forward into the sales. We are using all the technology that the SAP C/4Hana Suite has to make sure that we’re an integral part of the sales process.

In the past, sales didn’t think that the website was really that important [to making sales]. It was more of a showcase for customer references, but not really a place to do business. We are changing that.


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Gail Moody – Byrd is currently Center of Excellence Lead, Digital Governance, at SAP, where she advises 25 social media teams globally on strategy, structure and performance. She earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Spelman College. Gail was named AdAge Top Digital Marketer in 2013 and 2014 a FierceCMO Woman to Watch in B2B Marketing in 2014. The views expressed here are Gail’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of her employer.

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