Status: Officially Checked Out. 25 Things to Do Instead of Following Presidential Politics


Since November 9th, I have dialed down my consumption of political media (MSNBC, New York Times…). Still taking in enough to #staywoke though.

But January 20th and beyond, I’ve made a personal commitment to a total blackout of Executive Branch activity. Just cannot stand to watch or more viscerally, listen to that mess. Day one (Jan.20th) went well – I didn’t consume a moment of TV, social, chats, whatever that covered that nonsense.

I’ve created a list of things I’m going to do instead. Maybe you’re a “politics TV” junkie like me and struggling with the same issue? Perhaps this can be helpful. Here’s my list:

  1. Starting this blog, digitalmovements and blog at least every month. It’s a WIP – bear with me.
  2. Falling in love. Yes, it’s time. Watch this space.
  3. Play my favorite CDs and vinyl; dig way deep into the archives and find stuff like Earth, Wind and Fire “Last Days and Time”. Lots there.
  4. Work out – seriously, like kick ass bootcamp with Eduardo.
  5. Hike – I live so close to fabulous trails.
  6. Learn a language – right now it’s German!
  7. Meditate – Use Tina Tuner’s recording if I need guidance
  8. Drinks with friends, regularly
  9. Seriously grow veggies in my garden – don’t give up mid-season when the tomatoes don’t ripen.
  10. Local drives (Napa, Big Sur…). It’s all right here in my backyard.
  11. Read – If I re-read all the great stuff I have, that’s 4 years right there
  12. Sleep – go to bed earlier. No Charlie Rose politics.
  13. Work harder – work with the clear goal of where I want to get, how to get it, and the relative importance of work in my life.
  14. Teach social media – there’s a market for it, so they tell me.
  15. Learn salsa dancing – real, with-partner, salsa dancing
  16. Walk my cats – Yes, they have harnesses and I can take them outside
  17. Travel big when I can – Italy: Umbria/Tuscany? Seychelles? South Africa?
  18. Cook – now that’s a concept. Healthy eating.
  19. Wine tasting classes – did it before, need a refresh.
  20. Maximize use of social media communities to #staywoke
  21. Be a mentor – it’s rewarding
  22. Be mentored – I need it
  23. Read Atomic Ranch mid century modern magazine – I can make my home magazine-ready with little effort, just inspiration
  24. Juma Ventures non-profit work – changing the life of youths across American every day. Make my Board position a “working” position
  25. Walk a labyrinth – what the hell BUILD one in my yard. Easy to do with rocks. Gonna need it for all those mind-clearing walking meditations during the next four years.

It’s January 20th. Let’s get it!



Gail Moody – Byrd is currently Center of Excellence Lead, Digital Governance, at SAP, where she advises 25 social media teams globally on strategy, structure and performance. She earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA in Economics from Spelman College. Gail was named AdAge Top Digital Marketer in 2013 and 2014 a FierceCMO Woman to Watch in B2B Marketing in 2014. The views expressed here are Gail’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of her employer.

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