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Moodys Mood: Famous jazz tune. Also my state of mind. Mood. I blog about the human condition on this planet and the intersection of business, culture, race and life. Hoping to provoke new thoughts, a dialogue and movement onward and upward.

The First 30 Days: Lessons from a New Job as Social Media Leader

By Gail Moody | Feb 12, 2015

Tips for Marketers Entering a New Social Leadership Role Thirty days ago I stepped into the role of Digital Governance Center of Excellence lead at SAP. It’s quite an immersion as I embark on leveraging great work done in the past to kick-start the next gen of social media channel governance. But social media remains…

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Break the Social Media Value Chain in 2015: Five Ways Marketers Can Do It

By Gail Moody | Dec 18, 2014

I like to break things. It’s not for the fun of breaking things, but more for the thrill of the challenge of rebuilding them. In 2015, it is my hope that certain processes in the value chain will be trashed and rebuilt to produce a successful year in digital and social media. I anchor my…

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Why I Do Social Media and Why You Should Too

By Gail Moody | Dec 5, 2014

The groundswell of cautionary tales about social media crested for me this week with 2 articles in the New York Times “Reclaiming our (Real) Lives for Social Media” and “Love People, Not Pleasure”. Add to this the fact that in the past 7 days I’ve had at least one conversation a day with someone telling…

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Anarchy to Order: Adolescence Arrives for Social Channel Management

By Gail Moody | Nov 19, 2014

Its amazing to think that only 5 years have passed since a major wave of enterprises launched branded social media accounts to engage with customers and influencers. Back in 2009, the priorities were the fundamentals – branding of profile pages, defining community manager roles and sourcing good content to attract followers. It was so cottage-y…

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How to Use Social Listening to Improve Brand Health Five Steps to Building an Effective Social-Media Listening Program

By Gail Moody | Nov 19, 2014

By Gail Moody-Byrd, Jerry Nichols. Published on October 30, 2014 on Ready to run a high-performing social/digital marketing program? What are the essential elements? Content marketing — check. Content optimization — check. Social media strategy — check. Everything is there, right? Wrong. What’s missing? Audience intelligence via social listening — fundamentally, how the market…

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Meet Ad Age’s 2014 Top Digital Marketers – Nice to Be Included Again!

By Gail Moody | Oct 3, 2014

Bacon barters. Social-media roasts. Selfies during the Oscars. These are just some of the business-building brainstorms that transpired under the watch of our Top Digital Marketers. The list, curated by Ad Age’s editors and reporters, recognizes the talents behind some of today’s smartest interactive marketing, whether it be for consumer companies like Coca-Cola and Johnson…

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The Lyricism of Being

By Gail Moody | Oct 1, 2014

Life flows. It gets captured or it doesn’t. We are mere specs – human beings floating on a rock in a galaxy in outer space for a few years. What will we make of it? What’s the significance? What will we leave behind in words and pictures? Now that we can all be authors we…

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Social media monitoring: Four types of insights for content marketing

By Gail Moody | Jun 29, 2014

As digital service specialists at SAP, one of the most common questions we get asked by marketing colleagues is how to set up social media monitoring dashboards, what reports teams should generate, and which metrics matter most. That’s my cue to launch into my favorite diagram (see below) and redirect the conversation. Rather than yet…

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2014 Resolution? Engage, Measure, Optimize!

By Gail Moody | Jan 19, 2014

 Social media advice was bountiful in 2013 and came from so many sources – blogs, webcasts, conferences – you name it. How many “Top 10…” and “Best 5…” lists did YOU see tweeted? I read (and wrote) my share.  Well, its 2014 and the time to hunker down and deliver results has arrived. How will…

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