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Moodys Mood: Famous jazz tune. Also my state of mind. Mood. I blog about the human condition on this planet and the intersection of business, culture, race and life. Hoping to provoke new thoughts, a dialogue and movement onward and upward.

Apple Music’s launch: three upselling lessons for enterprise

By Gail Moody | Jan 5, 2017

SUMMARY: Gail Moody provides an alternative view to the Apple Music launch as a consumer but also with an eye to the enterprise. I’m a passionate music fan, always in dogged pursuit of building the ultimate playlist of Jazz, Hip-Hop, Mad Men closing songs – whatever I’m feeling that day. I’m also an Apple fan-girl.…

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Black women in the workplace, 2016 – climbing a steep ladder

By Gail Moody | Oct 4, 2016

SUMMARY: It is difficult enough for women to achieve equal status with men in the workplace. A recent study confirms what black women have known for many years – it is doubly difficult. Some employers though are demonstrating an enlightened approach to this specific inequality. Finally, vindication. Quantifiable evidence. The oh-so-familiar truth that black women…

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The politics of diversity in tech, 2016 – the black perspective

By Gail Moody | Apr 13, 2016

SUMMARY: Gail Moody takes on the thorny topic of race in the workplace, locating it in the technology industry of America where it arguably has its greatest problems. It’s the season when politics is the water cooler topic if you care about the US’s future and dare to speak about it.  Core to this political…

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Digital Transformation: beyond the CMO to a core competency

By Gail Moody | Oct 21, 2015

SUMMARY: Gail Moody pauses to ask the basic question: what is digital transformation? There are plenty of definitions reflecting different entry points. Google the term “digital transformation” and your search will return articles from a predictable assortment of consulting firms, hardware and software vendors and publications like Forbes and Tech Crunch. diginomica has its fair…

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How Airbnb’s collaborative economy connects the disconnected

By Gail Moody | Aug 6, 2015

SUMMARY: Gail Moody offers an alternative view of how the collaborative economy can bring wealth to the disconnected. It’s interesting to try all the offerings of the Collaborative Economy – Task Rabbit, Uber, Lyft – and now, for me, my first Airbnb experience. The logic of “You need a thing? I’ve got that thing. Let’s connect.”…

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Golden State Warriors: a fan’s eye view of digital customer experience

By Gail Moody | Jun 26, 2015

At an industry event in early June, I was fumbling, along with fellow attendees, to find common ground to carry on a pleasant lunch conversation between strangers seated together. That day, my attention was squarely on the Warriors’ playoff game that night, so I talked about it. A fellow attendee at the table proclaimed the…

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The Low Down on Social Shake-Up 2015: It’s All About the #CX

By Gail Moody | Jun 18, 2015

This year’s Social Shake-Up grabbed us by our hippie pigtails* and said – “Hey, marketing types, in 2015 it’s all about the customer. Periscope, programmatic ad spend…. none of the buzzword-laden things matter if your customer fundamentals are weak.” Within the first 2 hours of my attendance at Social Shake-Up 2015, I knew customer experience…

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The Four Noble Truths of Social Media Marketing

By Gail Moody | May 14, 2015

The Four Noble Truths* express the basic orientation of Buddhism. They provide a useful conceptual framework for making sense of Buddhist thought. I’ve found them helpful to me as I seek to understand this way of thinking. There’s another four-part simplifying framework that I find myself citing allot lately as I talk to friends. I’m…

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Governing Social Media — an Oxymoron Brands Must Address

By Gail Moody | Mar 12, 2015

Three Steps to Managing Social Media in Challenging Times How do you govern the ungovernable? Isn’t social media by definition the ultimate democratic medium that empowers anyone who wants to publish content? And don’t you want a tone of freedom that drives organic, authentic engagement instead of command and control that yields shiny pre-packaged ad…

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